Neen is a feeling. In addition to it being a feeling, it is a moment in time and the feeling associated with that specific moment. It is all the good feelings that something makes you feel.


Neensters are the artists that are part of and make up the Neen movement. They are visual artists that do not want to conform to a definition, or parameters set upon them by someone else. They want to be fluid in their art and their lives. While some artists could belong to other artistic arenas, such as web design, animation, videogame designers, and the contemporary arts, what sets them apart as Neen is the desire not to be branded by any one of the other art worlds. They want to remain true to their vision, and themselves, that is driven by internal desire and not by society or the media. They want to share and collaborate and not be bound by rules.

Those part of the movement have theories about reality, life, and the use of machines. They believe that life is about simulation. Machines provide a feeling of comfort with simulation. Computers simulate things for people all the time, sometimes without them even realizing it. In real life, you open a window, or a door to get to the outside world. In the computer world, a person will click on an application, or a website, to get to another world. It is the merging of two different realities for one unique experience.

Neensters love interactions with computers; starting with a blank hard drive and putting whatever they want on it and then sharing it. They want the most innovative products and will but them. They will maintain control over their work. Neensters have a preference to use multiple operating systems. They like to perform similar actions on various platforms to see how each one responds. Each one provides a different experience, and therefore different emotions. The pleasure is the moment between the various actions; it's in the feeling the action provides and then allowing one to sit with the feeling.

Copying is part of the Neen movement. Freedom is sharing and copying with slight variations is welcome. It is not about identity, individual or otherwise. It is about a state of mind. The state of mind of the creator and the state of mind of the person during the experience. The state of mind of the creator is to become everything and not be categorized as any one thing. Neen is to break out of the mold, any mold that is put upon artists and chains them to a certain belief system about art. The artists in the Neen movement are dedicated to being themselves for themselves and not focused on being what someone else wants or thinks they should be.

While Neen started as a feeling created by visual arts aided with a computer screen, it has grown and expanded beyond the computer. It has become part of music, culture, clothing design, and architecture. Neen is an experience between the person and his or her emotionally reaction to whatever is happening or in front of him or her at the time. The world can embrace the idea of Neen once it understands the emotion brought about by something, by being exactly who you are at any given moment. This movement is about this moment right now and how you experience it without any dilution, without any pressure from outside sources telling you what your experience should be. Once you understand the concept of feeling actual emotions in this moment, you will understand and embrace the Neen movement.