A Neenstar had an esteemed reputation among other Neenstars. They rarely become a Neenstar based on a large public following.


There isn't a certain number of likes, or follows, that will make someone a Neenstar. Professional interaction helps in the Neen world. These interactions can help a Neenster gain privileges and rights that not just anyone can get. Most Neensters are interested in breaking through social norms and constructs. They do not want to be typecast to one type of art. If one Neenstar sees another Neenster as a star, then that person is automatically a Neenstar.

Two of the top Neenstars are Rafael Rozendaal and Mai Ueda.

Rafael Rozendaal, born in 1980 and although he's a Dutch Brazilian, he is currently living in New York. Rafael is a well-known visual artist with a preferred canvas of the internet. Over the course of his artistic tenure, he has blessed the world with installation creation, tapestries, lenticulars, and haiku. He has wowed his fans with exhibitions all over the world, including renowned places like Times Square, Centre Pompidou, Venice Biennial, Valencia Biennel, Casa Franca Brasil Rio, TSCA Gallery Tokyo, Seoul Art Square, NIMk Amsterdam, and Stedelijk Museum.

While Neensters are not concerned with media hype, they do enjoy being featured in the press. Rafael has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Time Magazine, Dazed and Confused, and Vogue, just to name a few. He is also wanted at well-known institutions and has lectured at Yale in New Haven, NYU in New York, Ecole des Bauex Arts in Paris, and Vivid in Sydney.  This year, he has several shows scheduled. Trouble in Paradise will display in Kunsthal, Rotterdam. Out of Office will display at the Museum Singer Laren in The Netherlands. Don't do too much will display in a solo show at the Postmasters Gallery in New York. His work is also available on Instagram and Twitter.


Mai Ueda was born in Japan and lives in New York City. She was educated at the Kyoto College of Arts in Japan during 1997 through 1999. She lives through her art. She sees herself as her art. She does not see a distinction between art and life; they are one. She will not compromise herself as an artist, or as a human being. She is the confounder of the Neen movement. She sees the Neen movement as the poetic movement of the internet and technology starting in the year 2000.


Mai wants to send messages to the public through her art. She wants to encourage people to feel; to feel something, anything. She wants them to feel what is real to them, not what someone else tells them they should feel. Her artistic interests cross over many internet platforms, as well as, drawing, poetry, and performing. She has stated numerous times that she is most at home with non material mediums. In 2012, she became Zen and brought the tradition of the Tea Ceremony back into her life. It has since become the core of who she is and the core of what she creates. The Tea Ceremony is an opportunity for people to come together and share information and feelings. It creates a mindfulness and promotes the freedom to sit back and enjoy the moment you are in.

Mai has shown exhibits around the world, in Seoul, Venice, Rome, and Tasmania. Her poetry, drawings, and songs have been published many times over. She is also the founder of World Tea Gathering, which is a community of Tea Artists that gathers all over the world to share and understand the meaning of tea as art.