As word spreads of the Neen movement and its founder, Miltos Manetas, everyone is clamoring to get a peak and the idea of Neen.

Many thought it was a far fetched idea and it would never work, but it seems Miltos has once again proven everyone wrong. It was a stunning event. They did not spare any expense for this exhibit. Invitations were sent. The event started at the same time across the world, which made it interesting for those in the Netherlands and watching online across the country.

Chelsea, New York was brimming with so much excitement it was palpable. There were big names that have been participants in Neen's rise as a movement. Yvonne Force, the Producer of the Art Production Fund gave the opening speech. David Placek, President of Lexicon Branding talked about the branding of the name Neen and how it put words to a movement. J.C. Herz, a writer and author of Joystick Nation got the crowd into a frenzy but talking about the amazing art they were about to experience.

On the Netherlands side of the world, it was just as exciting as Miltos had a space set up that immense computer projectors set up and connected to the Internet. One displayed what was happening in Chelsea. The other showed running commentary from the website, as the world watched and commented. There was a similar set up in Chelsea displaying all the comments that were coming in from the internet world. Occasionally, Miltos would get on the computer and send some responses in his typical style. The most interesting aspect of the show in the Netherlands, is on a third screen it created a cyber universe where anyone could connect. Once a person logged in, he would be assigned an avatar and could walk around meeting other Avatars. People in either room were also able to log on via their mobile devices and enter the cyber universe. Soon there were hundreds of Avatars roaming around and connecting.

Everyone was enjoying the virtual meet up and after about 15 minutes, Miltos wanted to refocus attention on the show, but he was interrupted by a flying car. Anything can happen in Neen, for sure, as a computerized car literally collapsed on the art space in the Netherlands. Apparently the driver had too much of the free champagne that was being served and he destroyed the entire display. There was one injury but that person will be ok. Neen certainly likes to keep things interesting.


The accident aside, it was an interesting event that did eventually show some art by Neensters. Miltos Manetas displayed some of his own work, as did Mai Ueda. Some other well known Neensters like, Angelo Plessas and Joel Fox, showed their work, as well. The event ended with Neen music by Gnac. The exhibit did its job. It showed the world the power of Neen. Standing in the room at Chelsea, I heard many comments about the art making people feel something. It was the act of actually feeling when looking at the art that made everyone finally understand the true meaning behind the word Neen, as well as the movement. It isn't something that is easily defined, but it is definitely something that you can feel.