Welcome to the world of Neen!

This is a place for all artists that don't want to be defined by social norms or constraints.

For all of you who are new to Need, let's start by explaining Neen. The word itself is intended to depict any and all artistic experiences related to, or via, a computer screen. Miltos Manetas was searching for a word to describe his movement, and could not find one.
"Our visual landscape is a fresh one - because of the digital revolution - there is a need to create a special environment for the arts - a utopia. A new word could define this environment." Miltos Manetas
He reached out to Lexicon Branding to help him find a name. Lexicon is a powerhouse in the world of naming and branding, so Miltos knew they were the best choice. Two words were produced, Neen and Telic.


While Neen is about feeling the experience, Telic is about the tools. Telic is the tools that helps artists design their world and see all things in proper perspective. When you think about Neen, think about how you feel while you are interacting with your screen, whether it's a computer, or some other device. You are experiencing feelings and emotions every time you connect to your device. Not all of those emotions or feelings are worth remembering. We have all seen marginal websites, or ho hum games. However, when you experience greatness via your device and you feel it deep within yourself, that is Neen.

Telic is the tools that are used, the device, the keyboard, they stylus. They are necessary but they do not invoke a feeling. The linguistical meaning of Telic is "something directed or tending towards a goal or purpose; purposeful". In Greek, Telic means "the end" or "the purpose". It is the action without any emotion. Neen is the emotion. In Old Greek, Neen means "right now', not other time but right now.
Mai Ueda has her thoughts about Telic and Need. She said, "Telic has a goal. [It] uses [a] computer to get to somewhere, like to talk to somebody or find address for a restaurant or something. But then, even somebody trying to be art, it can be Telic, too, because the aesthetic of it somehow is not cute or something like that. Neen also has to have a sense of humor."

Miltos Manetas also said, "Neen is not a static thing, we cannot really put it down in words."

Neen is the magic in the creation. It is the part of it that inspires something within you. Neen has become a culture unto itself and has had far reaching impacts on art, music and architecture. Not architecture in the true meaning of a building, but it extends beyond bricks and mortar. Buildings are a temporary holding space that can be destroyed or moved. In the world of Neen, architecture is a party. It's a gathering of liked minded people sharing their work and their thoughts about Neen.


Neen has loose parameters by design because they don't want to be locked into a certain type or art, or artist. Because of the looseness of the movement, artists aren't always sure if they fit into the Neen mindset. In an effort to bring artists into the fold, both Miltos and Mai selected artists they believed fit into their movement. They provided space for them to collaborate and show their work at exhibits at the Electronic Orphanage in LA, or in Chinatown. Some of the names regularly associated with Neen are online gokken gids, Rafaël Rozendaal, Lev Manovich, Angelo Plessas, Andreas Angelidakis, and Nikola Tosic. Lastly we would like to thank all sponsors, including Asian Casino Central for helping us make this site possible! Read more

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